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System Analyst

Status: Full-time

Supervisor: Valuation Director/Head of Operations 

Overall Outcomes of the Position

We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented System Analyst to join our team. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in improving our operational efficiency by providing data-driven insights, developing valuation tools, and supporting various initiatives across departments. This position is ideal for an individual with strong Excel skills and a passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth.

Key Role Responsibilities

  1. Excel Mastery: Utilize advanced Excel skills to analyze and manipulate data, create reports, and develop tools to support decision-making processes.
  2. Power BI Proficiency: Create and maintain interactive dashboards in Power BI, transforming raw data into meaningful visualizations for key stakeholders.
  3. Jet Report Management: Work with Jet Reports to extract and present financial and operational data for reporting and analysis.
  4. Microsoft CRM Integration: Collaborate with teams to develop and maintain the CRM system, ensuring data accuracy and usability.
  5. Job Analysis: Conduct job analyses to understand budgeting and pricing support the business development team in optimizing resource allocation and improving profitability.
  6. Dashboard Development: Create and support update of dashboards to provide insights into various aspects of the business, helping teams make informed decisions.
  7. Document Assembly: Develop and maintain automated document assembly processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  8. Lead New Projects: Take the lead on initiatives to develop and maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across different departments.

Key Skills & Knowledge

  • Proficient in advanced Excel functions and formulas, including data manipulation, pivot tables, and macros
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Strong understanding of Power BI for data visualization and report generation
  • Familiarity with Jet Report for financial and operational data extraction
  • Experience with Microsoft CRM or similar Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Ability to analyse complex data sets and extract actionable insights
  • Strong project management skills to lead and coordinate projects, including scheduling, milestone tracking and meeting deadlines
  • Capable of working independently with minimal supervision but also a good team player
  • Able to communicate professionally with internal and external stakeholders at all levels of business.

Specific Job Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related disciplines.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in technology with strong business analysis skills.