Replacement Cost Assessment Of Automotive Assets

The John Foord team are highly experienced in the appraisal of assembly and integrated production facilities of automotive and motorcycle plants for replacement costs. We use industry leading practices and quantitative innovations and combine it with the expertise of our analytics team. A sample of the types of facilities John Foord have valued includes:

Assembly plants Up to 200,000 units per annum
Integrated car production plants Up to 200,000 units per annum
Motorcycle production plants Up to 100,000 units per annum

Production facilities

  • Buildings, building services and site infrastructure
  • Stamping and press workshops
  • Body assembly workshops
  • Welding, painting, trim and final workshops
  • Engine and gearbox plants
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Tool room equipment
  • Plastic processing
  • Tooling (moulds, dies, jigs and master models)
  • Research and development assets
  • Support assets (power, water, air, waste water and more)

Our countries of experience:

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