Beverage Assets

The John Foord team are highly experienced in the assessment of beverage facilities for insurance replacement costs, using industry leading practices and quantitative innovations, combined with the expertise of our analytics team. A sample of the types of facilities John Foord have valued includes:

Soft drinks and water assets:

Valuation of various production lines such as single line semi-automatic filling plants in developing countries to multi-line fully automatic filling line facilities serving large metropolitan areas

  • Soft drink production bottling lines (range from 100 bpm to 1,500 bpm)
  • Can flling lines (range from 400 cpm to 2,000 cpm)
  • Water production lines (range from 100 bpm to 1,200 bpm)
  • Line flling (range from 110ml to 2.3 litres)
  • Containers being flled (Glass, can, PET and sachet/pouch)

Wine assets:

Valuation of world class wineries through to bottling plants with automatic wine bottling,
sealing, labelling lines plus pre-bottling bulk storage and CIP systems

Breweries assets:

Valuation of integrated breweries producing some of the world’s largest beer brands
through to production of local brands

  • 120,000 hectolitres per annum to 900,000 hectolitres per annum

Distilleries assets:

  • Up to 270,000 litres per day

Our countries of experience: