Buildings and Civils Assets

The John Foord team are highly experienced in the assessment of buildings and civil works for insurance replacement costs, using industry leading practices and quantitative innovations, combined with the expertise of our analytics team. A sample of the types of facilities John Foord have valued includes:

Replacement Cost Assessment For Residential And Commercial Assets

High-rise apartments and condominiums More than 60 floors
Low-rise, commercial boutique complexes More than 200 retail outlets, up to 130,000 sq.m in total area
High-rise and prestige office buildings 90 floors above ground and more than 390,000sq.m
Residential estates Up to 45 public estates of several types, a total of 279 towers and up to 3,100,000sq.m
Retail shopping malls More than 500 retail outlets and 300,000sq.m

Replacement Cost Assessment For Hotel, Leisure And Other assets

High-rise, luxury hotel buildings Up to 40 floors and more than 800 guestrooms
Classical, low-rise 5-star buildings Up to 54 rooms and over 5,000sq.m
Resort-type hotels with large outdoor facilities Up to 390 rooms and more than 40,000sq.m
Exclusive island resorts Up to 290 villas and island facilities
Integrated resort and casino developments Built-up complexes consisting of accommodation, retail, casino and entertainment. Up to 4 hotel towers, more than 1,400 rooms, 400 gaming tables and up to 50,000sq.m for food and retail outlets. Gross floor area up to 450,000sq.m.
Theme parks Complete facility including hotels and attractions up to 4000,000m²
Golf courses 18-hole championship courses and clubhouse facilities

Replacement Cost Assessment For Energy And Utilities assets

Conventional power generation structures Various turbine halls and power generation plant buildings and complex civil works of up to 2,000MW in one facility
Renewable power generation structures Complex civil works like dams, tunnels and channels for hydro power plants up to 1,000MW capacity. Civil works for various solar and wind farms across the globe
Waste to energy facilities Power generation buildings and facilities
Oil tanking farms Civil works for tank terminals up to 213,000 cubic metre storage capacity
Power distribution facilities Various substation buildings and complex underground cable network with grid sizes of 115kV up to 500kV
Desalination plants Complex buildings and civil works for desalination plants with out of more than 800,000m³/day SWRO
District cooling facilities Buildings and civil works for 11,000 metre underground reticulation system

Replacement Cost Assessment For Infrastructure Assets

Airport terminal and runways Complex buildings and civil works of international airport terminals, up to 650,000sq.m with a total runway distance of 10,000 metres and network of taxiways totaling 250,000 metres
Cargo terminal buildings Super cargo terminals up to 400,000sq.m in gross floor area
Expressways, roads and tunnels Elevated viaducts and at-grade expressway networks totaling 80km
Public railways and subway structures Complex buildings and civil works for underground subway sys tem, train depot, and bus interchanges. Underground network with total of 200km
Harbours, ports and other marine structures Deep water berths, jetties and ports with vessel capacity of up to 150,000DWT
Ship and offshore structure and fabrication yards Buildings and civil works for ship yards with up to 500,000DWT drydocking and offshore fabrication yards with skid ways up to 25,000 tons
Telecommunication buildings and structures Various telecom exchanges and data centres across the globe

Replacement Cost Assessment For Commercial And Industrial Assets

Warehouse buildings Up to 40 floors and more than 800 guestrooms
High-rise, industrial purposed buildings Up to 35 floors, and about 90,000sq.m in gross floor area
Pharmaceutical, research and development buildings Multiple production buildings with R&D facilities combined into one and up to 50,000sq.m
Semi-conductor plants, wafer fabs 14 hectare facility with a total build area of 45,000sq.m
Special purpose industrial complexes Industrial park infrastructure and facilities

Replacement Cost Assessment For Education Businesses

On campus buildings and facilities Classrooms, labs, libraries, sports facilities, dining halls, swimming pools, administrative offces, amphitheatre and specialist theatre installations
Off campus buildings and facilities Monument and grade 1 listed heritage building, studios, community complex housing, student housing flats, shops, offices, learning centre and storage facilities

Other assets that we have appraised for insurance replacement costs

Churches, cathedrals and other places of worship Heritage buildings with intricate design and complex configurations of more than 100 years old

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