Asset Owners and Risk Managers

Are you struggling to get good information on your assets? Are your sums insured based on historic costs, net book values or guesstimates from internal teams? Do you get constant questions on values at risk during renewals from insurers or brokers?

John Foord specialises in helping our clients navigate the complexities of assessing reinstatement costs. Not only can we identify under or over insurance – ensuring that you only pay the premiums that you need to – by providing independent objective and researched verification of appropriate reinstatement costs or indemnity values, John Foord can facilitate insurance placement, reduce confrontation during post-loss claims, provide reporting consistency across diverse portfolios and identify possible gaps in coverage.

As well as reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes, John Foord is able to support asset owners and risk managers with cost allocations, decommissioning cost forecasts, asset register preparation or reconciliation, purchase price allocations, financial reporting valuations and market valuations for transactions.

Using the latest (yet transparent) machine learning and modelling techniques, our valuations can often be carried out on desk or using sampling techniques ensuring that the work is done quickly and economically.

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