Financiers and Lenders

Are you sure that your client’s values assets are correct? Is your security safe? Will the insured values put your loan at risk? Do you have good information on the assets? Can you easily identify assets that are under or over valued?

John Foord works closely with lenders and financiers to ensure that their funding is secure. We understand that industry knowledge is essential and we have dedicated specialists who can support banks, lenders, insolvency practitioners and financiers across numerous industries.

Not only does a John Foord report give clients the comfort that values have been assessed independently but by providing objective and researched verification of appropriate values, John Foord can facilitate lending transactions, reduce disagreement during loan approvals, provide consistency across diverse portfolios and identify possible gaps in value.

John Foord carries out assignments which includes Fair Value, Market Value, Residual Value forecasts and Economic Life assessments for clients across many industries.

Using the latest (yet transparent) machine learning and modelling techniques, our assessments can often be carried out on desk or using sampling techniques ensuring that the work is done quickly and economically.

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